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The Pranotherapy Vibrational and Sciatic

The Pranotherapy Vibrational and Sciatic - StudyNaturopathyGuidoParente
The Pranotherapy Vibrational and Sciatic 
Guido Parente 
  Psychosomatic naturopath  and Vibrational Pranotherapist  
For sciatic  is defined as a feeling of intense pain in the leg caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve.
It affects men and women with equal frequency, most often between 30 and 50 years.
It is the most common reason for absence from work under the age of 45 years. In most cases the pain resolves within two weeks, but relapses are frequent (up to 40% of cases).
Generally, the pain travels from the back of the thigh to shin the back, or in other cases, to the 1st or the 5th toe.
In addition to pain, there may be feelings of numbness and difficulty in moving or controlling the leg, the pain can be of variable intensity can be mild, or give dense prickly and a burning sensation can be excruciating, in certain cases can resemble a sudden shock.
Usually , the pain is perceived by only one side of the body .
Causes of Sciatica The compression of the sciatic nerve can be attributed to multiple causes : excess weight Use of high heels Slipped disc Pregnancy Working activity Sitting too long Twisting of the torso piriformis syndrome Allopathic treatment Allopathic therapy, is based mostly on the use of muscle relaxants , anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs ) , oral corticosteroids .
At the level of physiotherapy , after the acute phase of pain , your doctor and the physical therapist can implement a rehabilitation program including : postural exercises strengthening the muscles that support your back Stretching under physiotherapy control massage to help relax the musculature , so going to decompress the sciatic nerve 
Holistic treatments
There are various natural remedies to fight in a perhaps less effective, but certainly less destructive use of this disease medications, including remedies, remember to use:
The Alexander Technique is a postural re-education method that is essentially based on the adequate alignment of the head, neck and spine; its purpose is to teach the proper use of the body to promote the body's functions in daily life is a method capable of restoring the optimal functioning of the postural mechanisms and thus to return to the subject a new lightness and vitality deleting unnecessary muscle tension and optimizing the yield of useful ones.
 The Shiatsu, mainly, you can begin treatment starting from the lower back, gluteal and the Namikoshi point, the spine and the points corresponding to the lower and upper sciatic nerve.
 The Tuina, which is a particular type of still little known in Italy, which is carried out with hand massage, fingers and elbows and uses a wide variety of vigorous and relaxing techniques: friction, pressure, pushes, pulls and rotations.
Pranoterapeutic treatment
Thanks to my experience Pranoterapeuta, I could check over the years, according to studies carried out and experience that, by recommending the use of my hands, I can relieve inflammatory conditions, also very serious.
The Bio-pranoterapeutico treatment takes place primarily, treating the sciatic nerve, starting from the trunk towards the leg and / or foot, it will also act, on the disc (if this was a slipped disc), a few centimeters from the skin and it will absorb the phlegm, putting down the inflammation.
Here is the testimony of Mrs. Emanuela, that thanks to the pranotherapy treatments in 2011 was able to resolve this issue:
"I found Dr. Guido Parente for coincidences of life, on Facebook.
After having had an exchange of mails, we had a cordial telephone conversation to know what were my problems and, as a result of this, I went into his study.
I'm a nurse (so addicted, accustomed to conventional therapy of western) medicine, in short, I was stuck in service from a "whiplash" (2008).
After repeated MRI was compiled diagnosis of "dorsal vertebra protrusion 10, 11 and dorsal herniated lumbar herniated Expulsion 5 and sacral 1 of about 15mm, EMG (electromyogram) positive lower limbs, with the chronic degeneration Sciatic Nerve".
In summary, severe back pain, very difficult to sleep in any position, feeling of having as a shock to the entire leg and severe pain only simple skin touch and numbness in the same sitting.
I was recommended a cyclic treatment with cortisone, painkillers, muscle relaxants, individual physiotherapy, gymnastics, acupuncture in exacerbations, orthotics and shoes suitable for work rather expensive.
Since this therapy I had occasional benefits, returned contained herniation, but symptoms in media always present ... until I heard the Tibetan Bells and I talked to Dr. Parente.
We have had three meetings, in which they are fused sounds, vibrations, heat energy contacts arising from his hands, (... omitted).
The second meeting the pain has significantly regressed, right now there is just a feeling of "ovattamento" and I can touch my leg without feeling the deadly quake and ...
I still cry because I realized that when you think you do not have a way out, you have to stop, open your mind, your heart and your ears to perceive that around you is opening a road, there is a bridge that will facilitate the transition to the success ...
My bridge was Guido
Emanuela F., Rome September 22, 2011
Pranotherapy is not an alternative to tradizionalee medicine, therefore, absolutely not entail the suspension of pharmacological treatments or medical care, but rather collaborates proactively and in tune with your doctor.
The Prana is not miraculous, but in some cases can be cured and in others, acting with medical prescriptions, can facilitate healing.
Guido Parente Vibrational Pranoterapeut 
© 2013 Guido Parente. SIAE 2013. All rights reserved

The epicondylitis, or tennis elbow and Pranotherapy

The epicondylitis, or tennis elbow and Pranotherapy - StudyNaturopathyGuidoParente


The epicondylitis, or tennis elbow and Pranotherapy
Dr Guido Parente
Vibrational Pranotherapeut
The epicondylitis (specifically humeral epicondylitis) is an inflammation of the tendons that are a burden on the elbow, in detail lateral epicondyle.
It is a painful inflammation known as tennis elbow, since it often affects athletes in this category.
However, the epicondylitis is not intended as a disease that only affects a small group of sportsmen, but also affects those who are still a lot of time with arms in the same position for other reasons, as a typist, a pianist or a writer who uses the keyboard.
Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis often affects housewives, while carrying shopping bags.
Typically doctors recommend trying to prevent it, always good warming up the joints before turning to the intensive efforts, such as bodybuilding, power lifting, other types of sports or manual nature works.
It is a debilitating disorder of nature, which, if not dealt with the right therapy, it can become chronic. (Wikipedia)
The word tendonitis means "inflammation of the tendon."
An inflammation in itself implies the presence of a blood vascularization, which the tendon is missing: the so-called "tendinitis" is actually a peritendonitis, that is, the inflammation of the perished vernier, a thin connective lamina interwoven fibers that wraps around the tendon (Wikipedia)
 Allopathic treatment
  In acute forms of therapy, try to bring down the inflammation and pain, with the interruption of the sports / work activities, associating the use of NSAIDs (Inflammatory by mouth), with a possible elbow immobilization for 20 days, by associating 2-3 infiltration (in the case of epicondylitis, typically with injections of depometrol and lidocaine) to tendon level.
Or by physiotherapy, based on laser applications, tens-therapies with ultrasound, tecar, etc.
In the most difficult forms, to treat epicondylitis, is indicated, even if not all surgeons adopt it, surgery or represented by a reclamation of the tendon region, or a disconnection of the tendons to the bone-tendon junction. Recently, there is widespread success with the use of extracorporeal shockwave therapy which are often more effective than conventional physical therapy and can avoid the need for surgery.
The use of a specific massaging cuff with silicone inserts definitely favors the recovery time. (Wikipedia) 
Pranotherapeutic / Holistic Treatment 
  Through the Prana, by the simple contact of the hands on specific points of traditional 
Chinese medicine, as well as on painful areas, they can relieve rheumatism, arthritis, 
inflammatory states. 
In my experience, the therapist, having got to treat people, suffering from the acute 
pain caused from the epicondylitis, and other forms of tendinitis, I could check, 
after 3:00 to 4:00 treatments, that there were remarkable improvements. 
It is seen as the action of the hands of the therapist is able to write in a natural way, 
giving relief to such persons and handling. Here is the testimony of Mr. Claudio,
 that thanks to the pranotherapy treatments, in 2010 proved beneficial to tendon 
inflammation persistent and very painful: 
"I find myself writing about a fact, to which I would never have believed.  
I have always been pessimistic regarding the "PRANOTERAPIA" and now that 
I've proven to myself I changed my mind. Everything happened in a chance
 encounter in my room after the Dott. Guido Parente seeing with elastic cuff 
asked me what I had done. 
I told my vicissitude that I carry around for two years, for a random accident 
in the gym with a very heavy barbell.  
A nagging tendinitis that have never managed to cure after various physiotherapy 
and anti-inflammatory treatment.  
One afternoon, Dr. Guido Parente, in my place, with great simplicity, 
availability and reliability, unless I had ever seen, made me sit, 
I exercised with great professionalism his therapy for about 15 minutes, 
precisely the PRANOTERAPIA. 
The doctor acted turning his hands towards my right wrist, where I feel 
pain just two years. 
This therapy has been going on for two more sessions , and I now no 
longer feel the pain that I felt long ago .
 After this story , I recommend everyone the PRANOTERAPIA , that can
help solve many troubles of various nature .
As for Dr . Guido Parente I wish you the greatest fortunes in his field, 
where his professionalism , his seriousness and his honor , they will 
always be on top."
Claudio May 21, 2010
Dr Guido Parente
Therapist and Naturopath
© 2012 Guido Parente . All rights reserved

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - StudyNaturopathyGuidoParente
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Guido Parente
Psychosomatic naturopath
Since ancient times, in the papyri and the inscriptions found, it says, the ritualization of the olfactory
character of the day, the use of aromatic blends ancient Egypt.
For example, in the writings of Pliny the Elder, it is said that to promote the health of the slaves
involved in the construction of various architectural works to remove fatigue was used to burn
wood in huge braziers near the Pyramids.
Also in Egypt, the people of the upper classes, they used cones compounds with fats / wood / fragrances,
which were put on the hair or beard, and then, thanks to the great heat of those places, melted during
the day, cheering the olfactory people's lives.
Fine fragrances have been taken from various woods such as sandalwood, camphor, myrrh, benzoin,
jasmine, coriander, and used for centuries both by the Arabs, who by the Greeks and Romans.
Always historical, are found in Sumerian texts hints on the use of resins, herbs, spices, incense
and oils and fats of infusions of herbs.
For the high cost of extraction process of essential oils, in ancient times they were reserved for
pharaohs, kings, nobles and priests.    
In the Middle Ages, alchemists remarked on the relationship between the essential oils and
the purified psyche.  
 In the Renaissance it has use news of aromatic essences, such as medicinal plants with
curative and preventive purposes during the various epidemics that struck the peoples of
Europe, for example the plague, it was generating very unpleasant scents, so in the pyres
were used for the destruction used scented herbs.
With the advent of the scientific revolution alchemy he left the stage for the Chemistry,
setting the stage for the extraction and production of perfumes.
 Recently, thanks to neurophysiology studies and PNEI (Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology)
is now more clear that the essences can interact at the level of affecting the nervous system
is on 'mood, which on emotions, that on the nervous system.  
 Moreover, we know that a good fragrance makes us feel good.  
Through the perception of smells, aromatherapy involves the sphere of emotions, memory,
sensitivity and all related cognitive areas, in addition to the endocrine and immune systems. 
 Essential Oils, also called essences, are mixtures of aromatic substances produced from
 aromatic plants present, in the form of small drops, in the leaves, in the peel of the fruit, 
in the wood, in the resin, in the branches.
They are soluble in oil and alcohol and insoluble in water and are flammable.
 Just because they represent a very small amount compared to the plant mass, they 
represent the smallest component and purified.
In essence is collecting the genetic information from symbological character, they 
contain the soul of the plant, for this action can exert subtle but deep on the psyche 
and the human soul.
The essences come into relationship with man in a relationship marked by the heat, 
causing in this way, a reactivation process of the organic and vital functions, 
reactivating the vis naturae medicatrix.
Base oils, Heart oils and oils of head
The base oils are produced primarily from the bark and roots, so we shall, dense oils which 
will facilitate breathing as spruce, pine, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli.
The heart oils are extracted from the petals of the flowers, they favor the opening of the heart.
The head of oils, finally, are produced by the mint or citrus peels.
This type of oil, revitalizes, it takes away the gray, gives euphoria.     of essential oils Properties   
We know that the essences are always exploited for their antiseptic and antimicrobial.
antitoxic and healing properties: prevent decomposition processes, stimulate cell regeneration.  
Lavender, benzoin, cypress, frankincense  
anti-rheumatic and anti-neuralgic properties: in the treatment of joint and muscle pain disorders  
Rosemary, juniper, Verbena, Chamomile  
insect-repellent, and antiparasitic properties: away insects and mites   Lemongrass,
laurel, cinnamon, camphor, tea tree oil  
catarrh and expectorant properties: seasonal problems such as cough and bronchitis  
Eucalyptus, myrtle, cypress, rosemary, lavender  
 antispasmodic properties: for disorders such as dysmenorrhea, hiccups, muscle tension  
Melissa, Chamomile, Fennel, Geranium and Basil, Clary Sage  
 digestive properties: to relieve meterorismo, nausea, slow digestion   Mint, Fennel,
Verbena, Cardamom, Cumin 
Toning properties: to resist stress   Rosemary, rose, pine, sage, cajeput, bergamot,      
 The routes of absorption   Essential oils can get in touch and act on humans by three ways:
• Smell
• The breath
• Skin
v A olfactory you can spread in the air through the speaker, in this way you can make
the atmosphere more pleasant, it can stimulate (during a lecture) or calm.
v On the skin through massage.    precautions   You need to take some sensible
precautions for both adults and children.  
• Never apply pure essential oils on the skin, but dilute them with carrier oils such
as:   or almond oil, or grapeseed oil, or Evening Primrose Oil.  
 • Use quality essential oils, products with strict criteria,
 • Avoid contact with eyes
 • Take care to individuals suffering from allergies (respiratory and skin)
 • Keep essential oils away from heat sources and in dark glass bottles   children  
Tending to children under three years of age, it is best to avoid essential oils
Because the mint and camphor may trigger episodes of laryngospasm.
Over three years, you may be used by diffusion in the environment oils:
1. Eucalyptus
2. Cembro
3. lemon
4. Sweet orange
5. Chamomile
6. Mandarin,
7. myrtle,
8. Lavender 
Aromatherapy , discipline studied in naturopathy courses , is part of the fully - natural holistic vibrational disciplines .
Often in my treatment pathways , the use in synergy with other holistic arts in order to convey the right health for people .
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