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INTERVIEWS GUIDO PARENTE - StudyNaturopathyGuidoParente

A CONTI FATTI - Rai 1 17 Settembre 2015

Participation transmission
directed by Elizabeth Isoardi
 Rai 1
 September 17, 2015
on the issue
" Do you believe in alternative medicine ? "
studio Prof. Stefano Vella , Eleonora Brigliadori , 
the Pranoterapeuta Guido Parente and physical Valerio Rossi Albertini .


Interview Tg1 " People " March 21, 2015 - Tibetan Bells Guido Parente

Interview Tg1 " People " March 21, 2015 - Tibetan Bells Guido Parente - StudyNaturopathyGuidoParente
A great feeling , to have an interview with TG1 PEOPLE , dedicated to my work ,
 to my professionalism therapist , a naturopath , a teacher of singing bowls .
A recognition that is good for my heart .
                                                                                                                             Guido Parente


Interview with Master Guido Parente on Velvet

Interview with Master Guido Parente on Velvet - StudyNaturopathyGuidoParente
Very common disorders, such as pain in the neck, sinusitis, headaches, tinnitus up to more complicated diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis,
 may benefit from the Prana. To understand what is and what to expect  from this type of treatment we talked with an expert, Guido Parente,
 who has patented several methods, such as pranotherapy harmonic  vibrational and vibrational massage.
Guido has opened the doors of his studio and welcomed us in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by the primordial sound of 
water flowing from the zen fountain, delicate scent of incense  and the positive vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, we tried 
to understand something more about this world and about ourselves.
What pranotherapy vibrational?
It is an ancient practice that is to bring health through  the laying on of hands and their warmth. "Prana" is derived
 from the ancient Indian language and means "breath of life."
Our approach is holistic, that is, we aim to consider the whole  person and not as an arithmetic sum of parts.
This leads us to focus not on single symptom but on the meaning  that it has in the context in which a person lives, that we face.
 At pranotherapy then joins the use of Tibetan bells.
 These can  be played or touched; in both cases, they produce vibrations which have positive effects on our energy.
What happens during a session?
The person lies down on the bed with clothes and without shoes.
The therapist acts turning his palms towards the body, sometimes resting them, sometimes remaining at a distance of a few
centimeters. It starts from the diaphragm, which focuses on breath and then you follow a path that is partly fixed,
partly depends on the intuition of the therapist who goes to search for the points of the body that need them most.
It is an invasive or annoying treatment?
Absolutely no. The person is relaxed and uncomplicated and can experience different sensations at the chakra points that touch on.
Depending on the situation that is the person you can have a feeling of warmth, there where there is inflammation or cold, when in fact
there is a blockage.
Other times you may feel a slight tingling or an internal movement:
it is the energy that starts to flow.
In addition to hands, what other tools do you use?
Every person is different and therefore requires a different treatment. You can use the crystals, for example, or essential oils. In particular,
the harmonic vibrational massage patented by me involves the use of Tibetan bells.
These are of different sizes and materials, because each of them corresponds to a chakra.
They are positioned over various points of the body and while they are played produce vibrations which in turn pass through and caressing the entire body.
What effects do they have?
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the human body is composed not only of bodies but also of vibrations and energy.
If a body is healthy, it vibrates at the right frequency, and accords with the outside world.
If instead there are energy imbalances can then arise troubles of various nature. I find it particularly effective to recover energy,
calm the nerves, resolve situations of anxiety, anxiety and sleep disorders.
How many sessions are needed to feel better?
There is no rule. There who just one sitting and who needs a longer route.
I believe that the important thing is to feel free to use the pranotherapy when you feel the need, without having to comply with a predetermined program.
Then everyone reacts differently: some people feel better immediately and who during the session breaks out in a fit of tears. This is actually
a very liberating moment. You do not cry because you suffer but because they suddenly broke up a blockage, the energy begins
to flow and is eliminated through the tears that which no longer serves us.
It happened several times to attend these moments are real liberators outbursts that make us feel better. Sometimes they manage to overcome
traumas of the past, things that maybe we have not told anyone and we brought along for years.  
To whom would you recommend a session?
Good results are obtained with those chronic pain, such as neck pain, due to a wrong posture and a consequent contracture of the muscles,
determined in turn by a block, an attitude of closure or defense from the world.
Think, for example, tinnitus, or feeling constantly ringing in your ears: it is nothing more than a defense that our body adopts when he wants
to cover the noise of something else. Our body has strange ways to defend themselves but also a huge self-healing potential. It's about what we can
do and it is our inner strength that we can share. Each of us has to sell, it's all about knowing how to reactivate.
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