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Elements of Bioenergetics

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Elements of Bioenergetics

Wilhelm Reich, the Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud's pupil,

the issue as follows: "Every muscle tension contains the history

and significance of its origin"; In fact, since childhood,

every experience - and not traumatic - every instinct repressed,

corresponds - at body level - to a stiffening.

Reich elaborated on the findings that his master Freud

made psychoanalysis of sexuality and neurosis developing

the theme of orgone energy, a form of vital energy that

should flow freely along the whole body, and which finds its

highest expression in sexuality.

If not, ie if the capacity to desire and enjoy is suppressed

or impaired (through external pressure and internal stresses), then
We hurt us forms of anxiety, inhibitions and blocks.

Somatization of these tensions, which Reich called "energy blockages",

will be gradually to form the so-called "character armor",

a kind of armor that restricts our feelings and our freedom

of expression; a shell that - in a positive light - could be a

protective armor, but which, in reality, we freezes and limits us.

The character and muscular armor, and built to avoid pain,

it ends up being even prevent human to feel pleasure if you will,

a big "no sense".

When in our body appear too many "dead zones",

where the energy is not flowing freely, the body itself,

in its integrity, ends up becoming weak and vulnerable.

If the energy is blocked, if because of these blocks it

can not flow freely, then it becomes stagnant, destructive

and may itself be due to increased susceptibility to disease.

The seven segments Corporeal

Wilhelm Reich divided the human body into seven body

segments where, in each of them, the energy you could lock:

1. ocular segment;
2. Oral segment;
3. cervical segment;
4. thoracic segment;
5. diaphragmatic segment;
6. abdominal segment;
7. pelvic segment.

Analyzing each of these segments, an experienced observer transpires

how easy decode the messages that the body gives off and how,

through the vibrations of the Tibetan bells, there is an opportunity

to shake up these energy blockages that can be created.

ocular segment: This segment contains the brain, Member of the

coordination of the vital functions. It is highlighted by a blank stare,

hard, off, which can turn into a look alive, attentive to reality and emotions.

oral segment connected to the muscles of the mouth, throat and tongue.

It is highlighted by emotions connected to tears and anger.

cervical segment includes the neck and, as the name suggests, cervical

and is the Prince of important muscle tension zone. It is highlighted by

the weeping and l ' "swallow" heavy situations.

thoracic segment includes the muscles of the chest, shoulders and the

intercostal. Highlighting it with the emotional block which, in turn, to

a block of breathing and emotions.

diaphragmatic segment: key segment, placed exactly in the middle

of our body, including the stomach, liver and solar plexus. It is highlighted

by the closure of energy sliding in the two halves of the human body.

abdominal segment: in the abdominal muscles, is our third chakra.

It is noted with retaining the deepest emotions and visceral.

pelvic segment: the hang of this part of our body, relative to the genitals,

which stiffens the pelvis and prevents the flow of sexual energy,

is often linked and / or accompanied by sexual diseases.


Reich's disciple Alexander Lowen, continuing his studies of his Master,

prepared his primary work "Bioenergetic Analysis", a mediation body

technique that, through breathing and exercise techniques associated

with a careful analysis of the psyche and character of person,

helps the person himself to melt those "energy blocks"

(which you have come to create somatizing chronic tensions

which we discussed previously) and to recreate the energy

charge necessary to build the unity of body and mind is

essential, and I dare say, vital for the treatment of

psychophysical disorders.

"Being a man is the functional sum of all his past experiences"

(Wilhelm Reich)

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